TMT: Distrust is a Safety Mechanism. Stop Throwing it Away.

You’ll often think you have “issues” for not trusting others, because society has labelled being overly careful as having “trust issues.”

For this reason, you’ll probably disregard the blaring signal in your mind shouting, “That’s not their business!” or, “Stay away from them!”

In reality though, these signals are part of our instincts, and we’re built with them to protect ourselves. When we put them aside, we can get emotionally injured.

Despite what many think, humans are naturally greedy, naturally inclined to do anything to get ahead in life. This doesn’t apply to everyone, however MANY people will gladly take advantage of others to get something.

Speaking from experience…

I had a friend who I trusted greatly despite only knowing her for a few months. She met someone who was willing to give her information that she so desperately wanted, that she gave away personal information of mine in exchange for what she wanted to hear. Mind you, she didn’t know this person too well, and yet she gladly put our friendship on the line to get answers about something else.

It is beyond me how someone can exchange something so large (like a friendship) for something so small (like gossip). But, there are many cases of this, and therefore you shouldn’t always trust everyone you meet.


This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t build relationships with others. There are good people out there, but finding them requires patience.

Just know, your instincts are usually right, and if they’re telling you to be reserved around someone, trust them.

Your trust should be earned.


6 responses to “TMT: Distrust is a Safety Mechanism. Stop Throwing it Away.”

  1. Preetish Avatar

    I agree. Like i learned my lesson back in 8th grade. A dude who i trusted to become my friend decided to send personal information of mine to other people which i didn’t know. And now that dude is a enemy in my Pre Calc class for me. Like it takes time to meet new people but to learn about them takes more time and that’s what i have learned over the years so far. I didn’t trust you to become my friend but you just happen to be added on my best friend’s list which is rare but i felt like you were my old friend. Since my old friend was nice, kind and always joking. But it really does take time to trust a friend. I learned my lesson to never make friend’s like that who shares information with other people. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Aw what a heartfelt and unexpected comment! Thank you Preetish.

  2. Big Papa Avatar
    Big Papa

    I feel 100x smarter after ready this. I never trust my instincts, but after seeing what you dealt with and how you handlers it, as well as the fact that you are saying to trust my instinct, i will 👹

    1. I’m glad you found this post helpful! 🫶🏼

  3. I often don’t vibe with too many people because I tend to have a hard time trusting others. I’m glad because it is truly a blessing.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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