Why You Must Keep Your Wealth Silent

Money Doesn’t Buy Class. Keep your money quiet.

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Many people think showing off their possessions raises their status, and makes others admire them more. However, this is often untrue. People usually envy others who have more than them.

Showing off your money can actually be a disservice to you when you’re trying to become successful, unless you are networking with affluent people (in which case you still wouldn’t want to show it off because its unclassy).

Telling people how much you have may kick you in the behind. Most people will try to take advantage of you. Being humble is important, as is having class. A big part of wealth is class, which so many people lack. Many show off logos and drop prices into conversations intentionally, for the sole purpose of building their pride.

People will find showing off unattractive (in friendships, business, relationships, etc.), unless they want to get something of you.

My experiences:

In 8th grade, I attended a private school. The first thing I was asked when I sat down at my lunch table full of new people was, “So… what does your dad work as?” to which I replied, “That’s personal information.” My first impression of the girl who asked the question was that she was shallow, and I wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who cares about my parent’s salary.

The next question I got was, “I like your ring, is it David Burman?” The designer jewelry brand is actually named David Yurman, not Burman, but I didn’t say anything except for “Thanks,” and “No.” I didn’t give her an explanation, details about the ring, or even correct her, because I didn’t need to prove anything to her.

I think that’s an important lesson. You shouldn’t care about how much money others have, and you shouldn’t feel the need to prove yourself to people either.

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Another time I was peering a class in my school, and I noticed the teacher was wearing Christian Louboutin sandals, which were roughly $700. Very fancy, until she walked up to a group of students and pointed at her shoes and said “Guys, you like?” She proceeded to show them her red bottom flats, and one girl commented, “They’re peeling, they’re fake.” The teacher was visibly upset, and replied, “No, the lady in France said that’s a sign of good quality… blah blah blah.” The fact that she was showing off her shoes to students who most likely couldn’t afford $700 shoes was absurd to me, but her attitude after someone called her shoes fake was even more unattractive. It felt like she was trying so hard to prove that she had money and that her shoes were real designer to a bunch of teenagers. Totally inelegant.


You don’t get anything from people knowing that you have money except for validation, and it will only make people jealous and hateful. There are rare cases where you will be admired, and someone may see you as a role model. However, that definitely won’t be the case if you’re snobbish.

Additionally, people will avoid you if you’re rude and act entitled.

Make sure to be classy, humble, and never shove your wealth in someone else’s face.

Adios, Nicole. ✌️


4 responses to “Why You Must Keep Your Wealth Silent”

  1. trying to keep up!!! Avatar
    trying to keep up!!!

    Beautiful, great advice. I think that most people are very lonely and seek attention. Showing off, in their mind, will get them that. Little do they know that it only brings envy and hatred.
    Thank you for your post.

    1. I’m glad you liked this post <3

  2. So many people boast their riches thinking that it will give them a special place in society. People who feel the need to show off are insecure and unmindful of others. Great post!

    1. Thank you! I definitely agree with you.

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