TMT: A General Detox Everyone Should Try

(Disclaimer: these are all opinions of my own, I am not a medical professional, therefore my advice isn’t guaranteed to work. Please keep this in mind as you read).

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Health, Health, Health.

Everyone is talking about physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing nowadays. But are we really living in a way that maximizes our health?

So many people do small things to try and benefit themselves, like denying themselves a desert on some occasions. Though this may help, it isn’t an effective way of becoming truly healthy.

My suggestion is having a week of detoxification.

This may look different for everyone, but below is a basic outline of what I think a detox should look like.

Habits of the week…

  1. Limit your screen time to an hour and 30 minutes daily (maximum).
  2. No social media for the whole week!
  3. Take a shower before 8 pm (if you take evening showers).
  4. Go to bed 7-8 hours before you wake up.
  5. Wake up at 7 a.m. or earlier.
  6. Read 15 minutes or more daily.
  7. Exercise daily, with one rest day. This can be a hike, a dance workout, a sport, etc.
  8. Make more in-person plans with friends rather than only keeping up with them online.
  9. Eat home-made meals at least 6 of the 7 days.
  10. No consuming sugary drinks.

To conclude:

Doing the following things give you a bit of a reset, regarding your sleep and exercise schedule, and eating habits. They allow you to be more present and less distracted by electronics.

Let me know if you plan on trying this or have any additions to the detox list.

Lots of love, Nicole.


5 responses to “TMT: A General Detox Everyone Should Try”

  1. Hunter Avatar

    Very nice things to do and I would recommend trying this out aswell! Very nicely written.

    1. I appreciate your comment!

  2. Trying to keep up!!!! Avatar
    Trying to keep up!!!!

    I agree. let’s get off those phones that consume our lives!!!!

  3. These are all very effective things people should be doing. As someone who practices all of these things routinely, I can say that they have helped so much with my physical and mental well-being! 💗

    1. 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼

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