The Cutest Outfit Picks from Female-Owned brand Starfit🩷

I came across this NYC based, female-owned business named Starfit, and their clothing pieces are adorable.

Plus, I have a discount code for y’all!

Purchase any item on the Starfit website using my discount code NICOLE78266 for 10% OFF!


Below are my favorite pieces:

  1. Long Pajama Set

Long Pajama Set – STARFIT (

First, this PJ set, which is beachy and perfect for summer. It comes in both pink and blue and is cute for matching with a friend.

The little heart embroideries are so charming! ❤️

The top can also be worn as a beach cover up or with shorts.

2. Cherry Bomb Hoodie

Cherry Bomb Hoodie – STARFIT (

This hoodie is very trendy and stylish. It’s slightly retro with the cherry design on the back. The logo “Starfit” is on the front in a bubble font.

You can also bundle and save and get the matching sweatpants.

Cherry Bomb Sweats – STARFIT (

3. “Le Fit” Sweatshirt and Sweatpants

Le Fit Crewneck – STARFIT (

Le Fit Sweatpants – STARFIT (

This sweat-set is girly and can be dressed up or down. It’s sporty chic and comes in pink, gray, and white. I personally like the pink and gray set the most.

In my opinion, the white set is more of an athletic style, whereas the other two are outfits I could wear daily.

However, they’re all fashionable.

4. Trucker Hat

Trucker Hat – STARFIT (

As a beach lover, this is a necessity, but as a tennis player, I also adore the tennis design. There are additional design options such as a smiley face, pink “New York”, and blue “Starfit” logo.

This is also a summer staple. ☀️

It’s the perfect accessory to dress up a casual outfit!

5. Ella Shirt & Skirt (and Dress!)

Ella Shirt – STARFIT (

Ella Skirt – STARFIT (

Ella Dress – STARFIT (

This set is very elegant and screams Hampton Summer. It comes in white and pink (I prefer the white)!

Paired with a wicker bag and fancy sunglasses, this would look so sophisticated.

It also comes in a dress, but I think the shirt and skirt as individual pieces are more versatile and look better together.

6. Triangle/ Tank Bikinis (and Bottoms)

Triangle Bikini Top – STARFIT (

Tank Bikini Top – STARFIT (

String Bikini Bottoms – STARFIT (

These bikinis are summery and in-style. They come in a floral design, and pink & orange vine design.

There are also two styles available, a tank (left image) and triangle top (right image). Both are super cute, but I like the tank style more just because it’s more convenient to play beach sports in, like volleyball (no slips).

Wrap up…

Alright lovelies, those are my top 6 favorite picks from Starfit <3

Hopefully you decide to support this female-run business, and leave a comment if you plan on purchasing anything for this summer!
Don’t forget to use my code NICOLE78266 for 10% OFF!

I’ll see you in my next post! 🤍🥥


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