Announcement: Two-minute (talk) Tuesday

I’ve been going back and forth on this idea, but I decided trying it was worth a shot!


I’d like to introduce Two-minute talk Tuesday (TMT), where every Tuesday I will upload a short post that is meant for discussion. It might be about a new favorite product, a recipe I want to try, a recent experience, my general opinions, etc.

The goal is to create an open discussion environment where everyone feels like a friend. We can talk about things we love and ask each other for advice. I want to create a little community within my blog.

This will ensure that I have a post up weekly; however, I will continue to make regular posts weekly as well. Basically, this is just a fun addition to my blog.

Feel free to comment discussion ideas, your opinions, and any thoughts on my TMTs!

I look forward to beginning this series! Lots of love, Nicole 🫶🏼.


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