Noah Kahan’s Stick Season (Forever) Version is the Best Album I’ve Listened to in a LONG time. Pt.2

Welcome to Part 2, we’re going to start where we left off! View Pt.1 here: Noah Kahan’s Stick Season (Forever) Version is the Best Album I’ve Listened to in a LONG time. Pt.1 – Nicole’s Everything Blog (

Before I start, I wanted to say it’s been over a month since my last post! I’m so sorry, I’ve been incredibly busy. But I’m back!

All songs with features will be rated on how the featured artist either improved or weakened the power of the song, not on Noah’s verses.

Beginning with song #11…

11: Halloween. This is the first song I’d think of when describing the genre of folk music. It is a song perfect for fall, hence the name. I really appreciate the humming in the background, as it makes the song more addicting. The song has a personality of its own, and it’s different from the others on the album. I’d rate it a 7/10.

12. Homesick. This is a song to scream through the sunroof of a car. I love the emotion expressed in the vocals. You can hear the desperation, disappointment, and annoyance in Noah’s voice, so it’s clear he is able to convey his feelings through his music. I really like listening to this song, it’s energetic and I’d rate it an 8/10.

13. Still. This is a very heartfelt song with a soothing melody. It’s a song I’d recommend listening too when thinking. It helps with thought processing. After all, it is an introspective song. I really enjoy the powerful ending. 7/10!

14. The View Between Villages. This is one of the songs I’ve been waiting to get to on the list. AHH it’s incredible, but WAIT for the extended version, which I’ll talk about later. I love it but prefer the extended version. For the original, I’ll rate it a 9.

15. Your Needs, My Needs. This song reminds me of dancing on the beach late at night. The chorus is my favorite, but in the bridge Noah’s voice is unrecognizable. I feel like it speaks to the soul when an artist uses a great vocal range in a single song. He possesses so much vocal strength, and it’s very impressive. I could listen to this song on repeat because it has a variety of energy levels throughout it, making it hard to get bored of. It’s raw. 10/10.

16. Dial Drunk. I think this version is equally as good as the version with Post Malone, except for the exclusion of the extra “mmms”, which I wish were in the song, haha. The lyrics are desperate and have substance to them, unlike many popular songs, which I applaud Noah for. (The post Malone feature made this song more popular though). It’s a very upbeat song and despite talking about unrequited love, it doesn’t make me feel emotional. I think it’s a mood-booster and would rate it a 7/10 (only because I’ve heard it so many times).

17. Paul Revere. BEAUTIFUL MELODY. BEAUTIFUL LYRICS. BEAUTIFUL INSTRUMENTALS. WAIT UNTIL I REVIEW THE FOREVER VERSION! But, if the version with Gregory Alan Isakov didn’t exist, this would be a 9/10.

credits: @noahkahan

18. No Complaints. I really love the instrumentals on this track. This is a song I’d play if I was in a movie scene running into the mountains to get away from all my problems. It’s a lovely song that I could listen to on repeat and is great for studying! It’s surprising to me that all the songs on this album have such high ratings in my book, but they’re all incredible. So, this one, this is an 8.5/10.

18. Call Your Mom. Kahan’s voice is so ethereal on this track. Ugh, it’s getting annoying how many times I’m repeating that these songs are heartfelt and beautiful, but it’s the truth. I ADORE this song. It’s incredible. It’s like a lullaby. The little shakes in Noah’s voice make it personal. It’s perfect. PERFECT! 11/10.

19. You’re Gonna Go Far. This is such a hopeful song, and say’s “We’ll all be here forever,” which is a suitable lyric for the album haha. I think this song serves as glue in the album, and keeps the theme of the album clear, which is that they’ll be stuck in their town forever, and if they manage to leave it’d be against their will. Though it’s a purposeful song, it definitely doesn’t make me feel the same way some other songs on the album have. Therefore, it’s a 7/10.

20. The View Between Villages – Extended. OKAY WE’RE FINALLY HERE! This is the most magnificent song, and the bridge is such a thoughtful addition. It gives the song even more character. Noah’s voice is insane as always and full of strength. This song gives me the same feeling as running in a field of the greenest grass, with the wind blowing through my fingers and hair. Do yourself a favor and listen to it! 10/10.

21. Forever. Ahhhhhhhhh. This song makes me cry tears of joy. This song makes me feel proud of all my accomplishments. It makes me feel love. It’s probably my favorite song. Not only on the album, but in general. The lyrics are perfectly crafted, I mean, “When forever was a sentence, sentence to death/ Oh when you were a running tear I was a drop of sweat… and the edges of your soul I haven’t seen yet…” COME ON. Whose mind can match the genius of Noah’s? Him comparing forever to a sentence to death describes the endless cycle of certain things in life. It describes how “forever” isn’t always a good thing. It’s immaculate. And the chorus. THE CHORUS! HIS VOICE. It makes my heart feel full. It makes my heart explode! This song brings me an unmatched joy. ∞/10. ENDLESS POINTS.

22. Dial Drunk (with Post Malone). I think this version is slightly more creative than the original! I love Post Malone, so I’m biased, but his voice is wonderful on this track and gives the song more depth. The chorus is addictive (especially at the end) and overall, I’d rate it a 9/10.

24. Call Your Mom (with Lizzy McAlpine). Noah’s voice is perfect, just like in the original. Now, Lizzy. I’m sorry in advance… her voice is unique and clear but it doesn’t beat the original. It feels slightly juvenile. I think Noah owned the song in a way, and having a feature doesn’t do as much justice for the lyrics. Lizzy doesn’t put the same emphasis on certain words like Noah does, therefore I’ll give it a 6/10.

credits: dailytrojan

25. She Calls Me Back (with Kacey Musgraves). Kacey’s voice is something new and exciting on the album. She has a bit of a country accent which is something I was looking forward to hearing on the album (a change in style). I think it was a smart choice to include her on this track. However, I still like the original better for some reason. I think it’s because Noah’s solos come across as more poetic and story-like to me. Don’t hunt me down! It’s a 7.5/10.

26. Northern Attitude (with Hozier). I think Hozier is a super talented artist. He definitely added a twist to the song. His voice is impactful, and he emphasizes lyrics just as Noah does. Their voices complement each other well and this is the first time I’m saying… the feature is better than the original! I love, love, LOVE Hozier’s resonant voice. They blew this out of the park! 9.5/10. Almost a 10. (At 2:22 I get chills, every time).

27. Everywhere, Everything (with Gracie Abrams). I won’t lie, I don’t think Gracie improved the song. Her voice is very soft, and although it’s relaxing, it isn’t showstopping or mind-blowing. Pause before you read and get offended (all you Gracie fans!). It’s basic. In the original, Noah adds a flare to the 2nd verse with the way he pronounces words such as “dog-eared.” He. shows. emotion. Gracie doesn’t exactly do the same. Gracie puts me to sleep in this song. Keep in mind, I don’t dislike her music. But this is a song that should make you want to stomp and scream, and the feature doesn’t make me feel that special way. 6/10.

28. Homesick (with Sam Fender). Sam, whew! His voice has a retro vibe. It’s deep and soulful. The vocal strength is insane! Pour it out! We love power. He deserves more recognition. The best features are the ones that make the song more exciting, and Sam does exactly that. It’s incredible. 8.5/10.

29. You’re Gonna Go Far (with Brandi Carlisle). This is a gentle and melodious song and doesn’t give me the exact same energy as the original which I like. I would say Brandi’s voice doesn’t match the vibe of the album, but it is good. Brandi’s verse adds a refreshing change in the album. It belongs, but it divides the very consistent puzzle-piece songs. I’d rate it a 7.5/10.

30. Paul Revere (with Gregory Alan Isakaov). I’VE BEEN WAITING AHHH. THE PERFECTION OF THIS SONG IS BEYOND ME. Isakov has one of the most emotionally stirring voices. Noah’s voice and lyricism are SUPERB. Oh my gosh I’m the biggest fan of this song! The anguish in Noah’s voice. The instrumentals. Gregory’s enchanting voice. The storytelling. IT’S SO GOOD. It’s ear candy. It’s an immersive experience. 100/10

And that my friends, is the end.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend listening to the album! Hopefully you liked this post and it helped you choose which songs to listen to first. If you can’t tell, Noah Kahan is one of my favorite artists and is beyond talented. 🙂

I’ll see you in my next post! Love always, Nicole.


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  1. I have never listened to this artist. But I will try to listen it since you recommend it. 🙂

    1. His music isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I really enjoy it! I’m glad you’re open to listening to new artists.

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