Noah Kahan’s Stick Season (Forever) Version is the Best Album I’ve Listened to in a LONG time. Pt.1

I saw some comments saying I should do a part two on some of my favorite songs, and I realized the only song of Noah Kahan’s that was on that list was Stick Season (how? I could’ve at least added Dial Drunk because I definitely knew that song at the time of the post).

So, I thought I’d dedicate a whole post to him and the Forever version of his album Stick Season because every song on it is IMPRESSIVE.

Noah, jeez! Each song feels unique, yet they all work together to form a cohesive album. The features on the album are well-thought out, the lyrics are beautiful, the vocals are amazing, nothing failed to wow me.

Rating and describing each song (beginning with the original album songs)

1: Northern Attitude. The instrumentals are refreshing and upbeat. I feel like this song sets the theme for the rest of the album which is important for the storytelling aspect. The last two lines were chilling (that riff- whew!). However, it isn’t my favorite song on the album, therefore I’m rating it an 8/10.

2: Stick Season. Okay, I’m listening to the songs in order as I’m writing this, and I just want to say this song has my heart racing before the first verse begins! When I first started listening to it, it was a song I liked to dance to, until I sat down and read the lyrics, and I started crying. This song has so much depth and really hits me in the heart. It is and always will be a 10/10.

3: All My Love. Again, love the instrumentals and vocals. The mando chords are exquisite! Noah’s voice starts off soft and becomes more powerful throughout the song which I appreciate as I dislike monotone songs. This song has me pretending I’m strumming a guitar, and silent screaming… 9.5/10!!!

4: She Calls Me Back. I don’t know how to describe this song other than a good Lake Placid road trip song. If you don’t know what that’s supposed to mean, sorry… but it feels very fresh and cozy. It’s a good song to listen to while in a car with blankets piled on top of you. Snow falling outside the window, about to see your friends and family in a warm cabin, you’re eager, and struggle to make sure your hot cocoa doesn’t spill while jamming to it.

Hopefully you enjoyed the imagery there, but I rate this song a 9/10 because it makes me nostalgic of my Lake Placid trip years ago!

5: Come Over. Let me start with how authentic the line “Feels good to be sad” is. And, “My house is just barely big enough for my family, but it feels like a fortress when the weather gets bad.” This song is another on the album that has such value to its lyrics (literally every song does 😭) but it makes me so nostalgic to when I used to live in a bordering state of New England, and maybe that makes me biased. But he describes what the weather feels like, sets the mood and the scenery of New England, and it’s all so perfect. The vocals are chef’s kiss. When he repeats “come over,” the third time… PLEASE JUST GO LISTEN TO IT. It’s a musical masterpiece and I’ve never listened to anything like it. 10/10. TEN OUT OF TEN.

6: New Perspective. It seems to describe small town life really well, although everyone’s perspective differs (pun not intended… well maybe a little). I actually laughed when he sings, “The intersection got a Target and they’re callin’ it downtown.” (The way he says downtown is so satisfying). I feel like the lyrics in this song are a bit random but that gives it character. I’d rate this song a 6/10, because there’s nothing that completely sweeps me off my feet about it. It is a fun song though.

7: Everywhere, Everything. LOVE LOVE LOVE. We’ll talk about the version with Gracie Abrams soon! But the original version is really beautiful. Noah Kahan’s voice reminds me of a father singing to his newborn baby (until the chorus). I’d describe it as mellow, but strong during the chorus. The lyrics may be *slightly* disturbing but I think they build a picture for the listener.

The “Oohs” are angelic. So is Noah harmonizing with himself. UGH it couldn’t get any better!

I also love how he has desperation in his voice, like when he says, “I’ll tell you where not to speed.” It adds character to the song.

Additionally, this song is always stuck in my head. A well-deserved 10/10.

8: Orange Juice. Songs with silly names but actual meaning in the lyrics are creative. The self-harmony in this song is terrific. It’s actually a really sad song though. The message I got from it is waiting for the end result of something leads you to overlook what’s in between you and that something. In this case, Noah describes himself waiting for a friend to come visit, but not understanding that his friend’s values have changed, and so has everything around them. The friend is frustrated that Noah seems to be the same person he was in the past, although he/she has changed his/her life (specifically by becoming sober). There is now this invisible wall between them, because Kahan doesn’t realize the obvious reason for the friend not coming back to party with him and his other mates.

This song also demonstrates how personal growth can affect your relationships and how you may have to leave friends in the past if they’re values don’t align with yours.

Noah conveys emotions such as desperation and renewal through this song, and I think it is a lovely song on the album. 8.5/10.

9: Strawberry Wine. I guess Noah loves fruits! All jokes aside this song is very mellow and enjoyable. It gives me peace! The lyrics are creative as always. 9.5/10 by itself as a chill song. 8/10 compared to the other songs on the album and how they make me feel.

10. Growing Sideways. The melody in the song is sublime. It’s moody and sad, and the gentle strums of the guitar and ukelele are lovely.

Kahan’s lyrics have such meaning, like when he says, “It’s better to die numb then feel it all/ But I ignore things, and I move sideways, until I forget what I felt in the first place.” It’s authentic and vulnerable.

I definitely recommend listening to this song. 10/10.

This is quite a long album, so part 2 will be coming shortly…

All the songs on this album are terrific. The lyrics, the melodies, the vocals, the layering, it’s all superb. You need to give it a listen if you haven’t already!

See you in my next post! -Nicole 🙂


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