Fashion in Tennis DOESN’T Have to Be Dismissed (5 Tips for an Elevated Tennis Outfit)

I don’t like when people say that you can’t be sweaty and look cute. Because you can be both!

I look a bit like a rat after playing tennis, however, my outfits are what’s acing daily. You shouldn’t have to compromise fashion for sports (unless you’re playing a sport that always requires gear such as football or hockey, sorry!). But, for tennis it’s pretty easy to have cute AND wearable outfits.

Here is how to create interesting outfits that are easy to play in:

Credits: Made by me!

1. Choose to use color. Have fun with your options. As much as I LOVE black and white, they can get a bit boring after a while. You can stray from the classic route by going bold. If you want to try something different, try wearing pastels, nature colors, and neon (personally, I think highlighter colors are only acceptable if you pair them with a light color like white). My favorite highlighter color is yellow-ish green because it matches the tennis ball. However, pinks and oranges are also fun!

2. Swap styles and pieces daily. One thing I love to do is change my top and skirt styles daily. One day I’ll wear a solid skirt, then the next I’ll wear a pleated skirt. Some days I’ll even wear shorts. I’ll also wear sports bras, then alternate with collared shirts, dry fit tees, and long sleeves (or zip-ups).

This change in style helps you feel original every day. It can get tiring wearing the same style all the time, so switching it up can make your outfits more interesting.


3. Monochrome outfits. There is NOTHING more attractive than a monochromatic outfit (including shoes). First of all, it elevates your look, making it look effortlessly chic. Second of all, it makes you look more professional. I cannot stress how much I love monochromatic tennis outfits.


For example, this Lacoste dress and sneakers would create such a chic outfit.

4. Flattering silhouettes. One thing I would recommend is dressing for your body type. This can be applied to any fashion choice, really. Wearing pieces that fit your body well and enhance your shape can improve your confidence and your appearance.

Read here to learn how to dress for your body type: How to Dress for Your Body Type (with Pictures) (

5. Baseball caps and visors. Woah! Baseball caps for tennis? Yup! There’s nothing better than a multi-purpose fashion piece. Caps and visors are convenient for keeping the sun out of your eyes, and as much as I’d recommend sunglasses, they may fall off during matches or get uncomfortable.

I definitely recommend keeping your accessories simple so that they don’t clash with your outfit. White and black caps/visors are your best bet!

To conclude…

It’s simple to create a tennis outfit that will make you feel attractive and comfortable at the same time, following the tips mentioned above. Don’t lose your style on the court!

I hope these tips were useful to you! Comment below what topic you’d like me to cover next. 🙂 -Nicole


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  1. Ty! This helped me so much in finding the right things to wear!

  2. Arielle Avatar

    Great tips! And truly, you can use this to apply to everyday life. If you wear something that makes you feel good and comfortable in your skin, you’ll exude confidence and have a more positive day/event!

    1. Thank you, and that’s true!

  3. Pompy Ciepła Avatar
    Pompy Ciepła

    Your ability to communicate complex ideas in an accessible way is impressive. Great job on this post!

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