5 Reasons People Might Not Respect You (and how to fix that)

Below are 5 reasons why people might not think so highly of you (and treat you differently), and how to fix that.

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  1. You discuss things that are unimportant or unmeaningful. Talking about subjects that don’t have depth make you uninteresting and may make you seem dumb. If you have nothing valuable to add to a conversation, you may come across as unintelligent. Many people enjoy complex conversations where they can learn about new perspectives. Avoid discussing drama or insignificant topics. Instead, contribute meaningful ideas to conversations and strive to be witty and intelligent.
  2. You act immaturely. This can consist of making inappropriate comments or acting childishly. No matter what it is, immature behavior can be seen as disrespectful. Make sure to gain others’ respect by being polite and mature. Don’t act soulless or dry, but strive to be a bit more serious.
  3. You have no ambition or depth. Admiration works hand in hand with respect. Often times, people respect those they admire. If you are aimless and lazy, people won’t admire you. If you have no substance, your acquaintances will think their relationship with you is unmeaningful. The reason people create friendships and relationships is to gain something, whether it be to add more laughter in their lives or to learn from a wiser person. If you don’t have something that makes you unique, people won’t find benefit in including you in their lives. Having goals serves as inspiration for others. After all, ambitious people are interesting to talk to and can give advice to those who also want to become successful. However, the main reason for your drive should be the yearning for something more, not because you want to impress others.
  4. You break promises. People respect those they can trust. If someone doesn’t stick to their word, the respect others have for that person automatically drops. Never make a promise you know you can’t deliver. Remember that trust needs to be earned, as does respect.
  5. You make everything about yourself. People love to talk about themselves. If you dominate conversations and constantly talk about yourself, people will become uninterested and think you are self-centered. It’s important to be humble when engaging in conversations, and to not come across as an over-sharer or someone who wants recognition. By being an active listener and showing interest in those around you, people will enjoy talking to you.

Hopefully you take some of this advice and apply it to your everyday life! Remember, mutual respect is important in all types of relationships. Therefore, you should work on fostering that respect. Good luck! 🤍


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