TMT: Getaway or Get Away?

Are you traveling for enjoyment, or to escape your problems?

Traveling can be a healthy way to have a “reset” when you’re stressed. It can provide a change of scenery and be great for exploring things such as new cuisines, architecture, and languages.

However, traveling solely to escape your problems, and doing so repeatedly, can become unhealthy. Just like emotional shopping or spending, it creates a temporary dopamine release that will soon fade.

Alone time can surely allow you to have space from anyone or anything that contributes to your stress. But running away won’t always be an option, as travel may become inaccessible at some point in your life. Therefore, you should rethink your mechanisms of coping with hardships.

Distractions from your daily challenges aren’t long term solutions. It’s important to understand that neglecting your feelings only causes them to build up, and after a period of numbness, everything seems to come crashing down.

Instead of escaping your problems through travel, find travel experiences that allow you to think about life and learn about the depth of life outside your bubble. That doesn’t mean you should pretend your problems have disappeared. Face them by learning about yourself and your emotions.

Visit a place where you feel peaceful, preferably the countryside or a place with little commotion or pollution.

With quiet surroundings you can hear the noise within yourself.

You can listen to your thoughts and feelings; you can grasp what it is that you’re struggling with. And then, you can fix it.



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