Just Jump it’s Doomsday (A Poem)

Is it awfully intrusive for me to jump through your window?

Either way, all there is is a flood of trouble;

This room’s empty, now only filled with memories,

The floors are creaky and it hits me like a train,

Our love’s existence fleeting.

Conspicuous minds, blatant treason,

People act without reason,

My solemn composure resulted from your statement,

“You’re so easily disposable.”

Maybe it’s more anticipated,

That I’ll begin sobbing instead.

A million pictures rushing through my mind,

Like a lonely stream.

Thoughts and memories,

Broken plaster walls,

Knocking on every door in this cookie-cutter neighborhood,

Looking for someone new to wash away the memories I have of you.


Will you ever really leave?

Out of sight out of mind can’t ALWAYS exist.

Maybe it does.

It’s just a thing I have to wait out,

A trail I have to go through,

The endless twists and turns,

Until I hit a cliff,

And all there’s left to do is jump.


2 responses to “Just Jump it’s Doomsday (A Poem)”

  1. Just trying to keep up Avatar
    Just trying to keep up

    WOWWWWWWW ….i wonder what your thoughts would look like on a painting…. very deep.

    1. AWH. This comment just made my day.

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