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Let’s begin!

Today we’re going to talk about emotional balance. I think emotional balance is super important, regardless of age. Extreme emotions can result in depression (PsychologyToday) or hypomania (MayoClinic), and other disorders.

What is emotional balance?

According to Psychology Today:

  1. “Emotional balance is facilitated by practicing emotional regulation and distress tolerance. Emotional regulation relates to identifying the emotions that are being felt in the moment and observing them without being overwhelmed by them.”

2. “Emotional regulation skills include self-soothing activities that help to reduce emotional intensity and provide a calming effect.”

Grounding oneself could be a great way to deal with emotions and prevent yourself from being overwhelmed. Some methods include journaling, meditating, and even exercise.

Truthfully, anything that makes you feel happy can be a source of emotional regulation.

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Exploring your emotions:

Social interaction can also help with emotional balance, but remember, it can also lead to burnout. Listening to your body is incredibly necessary. Emotional balance also doesn’t mean always being happy. It’s okay to be sad, upset, and feel positive, neutral, and negative emotions, as long as they don’t get out of control.

Make sure you are actively allowing yourself to understand how you feel. Focus on the present moment if you are anxious about the future. If you miss the past and struggle with the present, think about positive memories that can inspire your present (and create new memories).

And lastly…

Never forget that your feelings are valid and almost everything is temporary. That includes the good, which is why it’s important to practice gratitude and enjoy every moment. It also means tough times won’t last, and they will help build your character.

Just care for yourself and take things slow; live with intent. Express yourself and always continue exploring your emotions.

Peace to all, Nicole.

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