Sorbo Cafe in Wesley Chapel, FL, is the new hot spot 🍡

I found my new favorite cafe, in Wesley Chapel, FL.

Sorbo Cafe has delicious drinks and scrumptious house-made deserts. If you are in the area, RUN to try it out.

Not only that, but the atmosphere is beautiful. With a relaxing lounge indoors and blossoming trees outdoors, it is the perfect place to unwind and indulge in tasty treats.

I tried the traditional and the brownie cheesecake. Both were fluffy and not overly sweet. I personally enjoyed the traditional cheesecake more, though both were yummy.

I also had a hojicha-strawberry latte. Hojicha is similar to matcha, but with a more bitter, roasted taste. The strawberry was at the bottom of the glass and was like a puree of sorts. It was pretty good, although the strawberry syrup and puree was really sweet, and I didn’t like the hojicha as much as I would’ve liked matcha.

My mom had a Thai iced tea, which I had a few sips of, and it was heavenly. I enjoyed it more than my drink, and unlike most Thai iced teas, it wasn’t too sweet.

My sister also had an iced hibiscus tea, which I didn’t try, and she said it was refreshing.


Overall it was a pleasant outing, and I’d recommend it to anyone nearby. I will say, however, that the prices are a bit on the high end of the spectrum. I think the deserts are worth your dime more than the drinks are (but this is solely based on the drinks we tried).

Let me know if you visit Sorbo Cafe!

Until next time, Nicole. πŸ™‚


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