6 Study tips for when you can’t sit still: from a person who can’t focus either

These 6 study tips are useful for those days that you blank out while trying to finish homework… or end up scrolling on your phone for an hour.
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I always find myself either blanking out or getting up from my desk a thousand times when trying to finish a time-consuming assignment. However, after practicing these 6 pieces of advice, I’ve been able to sit still longer and fly through my work.

Study Tips:

Tip 1: Have a large water bottle and snacks nearby. According to the Harvard School of Health, hydration helps with brain function. Chewing food can also help with memorization and keeping focus. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you keep water and food nearby so that you don’t constantly leave your workspace to get either.

Personally, doing something else while studying makes it quicker and easier for me. As such I like to keep a straw in my mouth and drink water, chew gum, or eat a protein bar. All make me feel less bored and more productive.

When practicing this tip, avoid processed foods and sugary drinks. Both can hinder your memory and make it harder for you to stay on task.

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Tip 2: Take a stretch break every 30 minutes. Despite the goal being to stay in the study zone for as long as possible, stretch breaks and small walks between time intervals can actually be helpful for getting your brain working. Exercise also releases endorphins (most of us know this from Elle’s quote in legally Blonde!) a neurochemical that reduces stress!

Once I had a paper due and was tired and unmotivated while writing it. I decided to go on a walk, because losing those 15 minutes wouldn’t hurt since I wasn’t working well anyway. When I was back from my walk my mind was fresh and I began writing quickly and thoroughly.

Avoid taking too long of a break though, because you may not have the motivation to continue working after.

Tip 3: Listen to music while studying. This may be distracting to some people, but personally, listening to music with lyrics allows me to do “something else” (as I mentioned earlier) while studying, which is singing. Doing this something else helps relieve my boredom during tiring study sessions. Additionally, if I need to write, listening to music can be a good source of inspiration.

Occasionally you may have writers block and listening to lyrics may help spark an idea in you or expand your vocabulary in your writing.

Tip 4: Use cute and colorful school supplies. When you’re not using a BIC ballpoint pen, taking notes is so much more fun. (No hate to BIC!) This works the same with post it notes, notebooks, and highlighters. If you use supplies that make studying more interesting and inspire you to take neat notes, you are more likely to appreciate the process of studying and better understand the content.

Tip 5: Work in a clean environment and quiet area. The environment you work in affects your mental state tremendously. If you are planning on studying in a cluttered area, good luck! It has been found that working in a messy setting can cause unnecessary stress and “emotional exhaustion” (Psychology Today). A messy desk will also make it harder to find certain papers or supplies you need. Make sure to clean before you sit down to study!

Working in a quiet area is crucial for avoiding distractions. If you hear a TV show playing, your family talking, a dog barking, etc., you will either be curious as to what is happening and involve yourself in that external situation, or you’ll be unable to concentrate and may get annoyed. Find a silent area in your home or go to a library to avoid this problem!

Tip 6: Shower beforehand and wear comfortable clothing.

Studying without showering can make you feel uncomfortable, and that’s partially because you didn’t prioritize your cleanliness before your work. If you don’t take care of yourself your mind won’t be at ease, and your subconscious mind will be fixed on other priorities such as showering and washing your face. It is critical that you take care of other priorities before studying, or else your mind will wander off and you will be overwhelmed seeing how many tasks you have incomplete.

In essence…

Have a clean area, clean body, food and water accessible, cute supplies, and earbuds in, and don’t forget to stretch every 30 minutes!

I hope these tips are of use to you as they are for me!


6 responses to “6 Study tips for when you can’t sit still: from a person who can’t focus either”

  1. These tips are fantastic, not only for studying but even for getting job assignments done once you’ve entered the workforce. I feel like I have a similar issue of getting distracted and constantly needing to be moving around/doing different things. Taking short breaks to walk, shower, even chat with friends or some other fun, brief activity can really help to recharge and reset.

    1. Indeed! It’s important to know what helps you with being productive as that makes it so much easier to get things done.
      Thanks for your comment 🤍

  2. I struggle so much with getting work done so I’m happy to have read this post
    I find stretching helps a lot though!

    1. That’s great that you know what works for you! Thanks for your support.

  3. thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for commenting!

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