Ariana Grande released “yes, and?” today. Here are my thoughts on the new song and music video.




This is Ariana’s first new single in over 3 years. And here’s what I think about it.

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Ariana Grande released “yes, and?” today, and it’s a totally new vibe compared to all of her previous songs. This is the first track on her upcoming 7th studio album, which will be titled “Eternal Sunshine.” With a house music feel, this song is something different coming from Ari. However, I praise her for being bold, and clapping back at all the people involving themselves in her business. She truly knows how to convey an important message about keeping her boundaries to the public!

The “yes, and?” music video

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Ariana Grande’s music video tells a story and depicts how her fans have been gossiping about how she’s changed drastically. From her divorce from Dalton Gomez to her “new appearance,” everyone has something to say about Ms. Grande. This can be seen when a group of critics discussed how they liked the “old Ari” better, the one with the ponytail “a few centimeters higher,” before walking into a room where she is expected to be seen, confused and unexcited. By the end of Ari’s surprise choreographed dance and performance, they leave the room in awe.

Ariana is now all about not caring what anyone thinks about her, with one of her lyrics saying, “Be your own f*ckin’ best friend,” which is perfectly combined with the confidence seeping from her struts and dance moves in the music video. She shows off her new era of self-understanding and love, and sets the boundaries on what people should and shouldn’t comment on.

Lyrics and messages

It seems the message Ariana wants to put forward is that her business is her own, and no one should meddle in it, comment on her body, or care about her love life. Ariana deserves to live her “authentic life” and doesn’t worry about people’s comments or hate. Simultaneously, she proves that she will keep on wowing her fans, and there’s nothing they need to worry about regarding her losing her passion or talent in music.

Source: @arianagrande on instagram

Final thoughts

Overall, it is a strong song with an important message to the public, and she delivered a creative and meaningful video. Ariana raises the bar yet again by bringing something totally new to the table, and I love her for it.


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    em πŸ’–

    girl keep up the posts i really can see the effort your putting in!

    1. Aw thanks! I’ll definitely keep them coming. 🀍

  2. Love the song and the message behind it! It’s a lesson to all of us to work on loving ourselves and not concerning ourselves with the opinions of others.

    1. I agree 100%!

  3. This song is such a good reminder to not care about what people think about us because at the end of they day what matters most is our wellbeing. And to let everyone keep blabbering on because it’s not important to us!

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