Skincare Tips I wish I Knew Sooner 🫧

Disclaimer: These are adjustments I’ve made to my skincare routine that have worked for me. This may not work for everyone and just because you may have my skin type, doesn’t mean the same results are guaranteed. I am not a licensed doctor or dermatologist. Please speak to your dermatologist before trying my recommendations to make sure they work for you. Additionally, some of my opinions may not be matched. That is perfectly okay, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

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My skin type:

I have an oily t-zone, and the rest of my face tends to get dry.

Changes I’ve made to my routine:

1. Using a 4% benzoyl peroxide face wash has helped dry out my acne and reduce oil. However, it does leave my skin a little bit dry.

2. That is why I use moisturizer, but the moisturizer I use is oil-free, which helps with balancing the oil/dryness.

3. I always wash my hands before washing my face. This prevents me from rubbing dirt into my skin as I cleanse my face.

4. I also wash my hands before putting my fingers into moisturizer jars. When I can, I even use an applicator so that I’m not transferring dirt into my products.

5. Washing my face after brushing my teeth. I started doing this because I realized that water goes all over my face when I brush my teeth, and toothpaste/ other residue might stay around my lips and on my chin after I brush. This makes me feel more comfortable as I wash away any spit or germs.

6. I have a separate face towel (from my hand & bath towel). This way, I don’t dry my face with fabric that has been everywhere.

7. I refrain from using a too many products, because I have acne. Of course, some people benefit from using many products. But you shouldn’t buy something that doesn’t work for you and use it for the aesthetic. For example, I have a vitamin c serum that smells like a donut, and I feel fancy when I use it. However, it feels sticky and uncomfortable, therefore I stopped using it. Another cream I own makes my skin feel plump and hydrated, but it increases redness, therefore I don’t use it either. And as for anti-aging serums… as a teenager… they’re a huge pass and definitely unnecessary for me.

8. I try samples before committing to a new product. Some skincare products can be really expensive, and buying full bottles can be wasteful if the products end up not working for you.

9. That also leads to buying trendy products for the sake of trying something new. Though it’s fun to splurge on items like Drunk Elephant creams and Glow Recipe toners, buying products just to test them out (especially if you already have a routine that works well) can cause adverse reactions on your skin.

10. Reading skincare labels. It’s so important that I know what I’m putting on my skin, because it will ultimately end up in my body. Often times I try to opt for more natural products just to make sure I’m not putting the “wrong” things on my skin (ex: phthalates; a 2020 literature review done by the NIH said phthalates can lead to altered puberty, increased risk of cancer, and more, and a 2018 scientific report suggested that they could lead to fertility issues.).

Of course, medical research will advance over the years, and some products that seem unsafe now may be deemed safe later. However, I try to avoid harsh ingredients.

11. Using sunscreen daily. Skin protection is SO important. Sunscreen can help prevent dark spots and skin cancer.

To conclude…

Hopefully these tips gave you some ideas of what you may need to change in your routine! Good luck with finding the routine that works for you!

Please head back to my disclaimer and re-read it before following the advice in this post.


4 responses to “Skincare Tips I wish I Knew Sooner 🫧”

  1. Adriana Avatar

    Thank you for rounding this up so concisely! DEFINITELY needed these reminders!

    1. Of course! I’m glad you liked it 😄

  2. Arielle Avatar

    Great advice and I would add to it to keep things simple in terms of products. For someone who struggled with acne and discoloration for years, and who has invested time and money both in products and treatments to get beautiful skin, I have learned that (in addition to some in-office treatments that do wonders) the best, most effective products are relatively inexpensive and easily found in most drugstores. The glow recipe, drunk elephant, Sephora-type products are not only expensive mostly because of fancy packaging and brand hype, but often do more harm than good. Cetaphil, La roche posay, Nivea, and Cera-ve are some of the best products with targeted ingredients and wide ranges for all skin types and concerns.

    P.S. x2 on the daily sunscreen! Even in cold, cloudy, rainy/snowy weather, do not leave the house without sunscreen. Future you will thank you!

    1. Thank you for listing brands that worked for you! I’m sure that will be helpful to many (I also use them haha) and they are truly great. But you’re right, many expensive brands are overrated and not necessarily good, and some people buy them without a second thought, even if they’re not made for their skin type.
      It’s important to be conscious of what you’re buying and why you’re buying it.
      Thanks again for your comment.

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