TMT: Embracing friendships over borders

In today’s world of advanced technology, there really are no boundaries. With one click of a button, you can connect with almost anyone from anywhere on Earth.

Though many people see borders as an obstacle, I think relationships anywhere from a few states away, to overseas, can be super beneficial.

I personally enjoy having someone I can visit when I travel. Seeing a familiar face when visiting a foreign land can be a great way to reduce anxiety and enhance your travel experience.

Additionally, friends that come from different cultural backgrounds can help you grow into a well-rounded person and make you aware of different customs and traditions. Through meaningful conversations you can learn so much about the world. These conversations may spark a deep appreciation for the cultural diversity of others.

For example, I have a family friend in Mexico. Whenever we visit, our friend introduces us to new restaurants, attractions, and opportunities, such as scuba diving. This makes our vacation exciting and full of unforgettable experiences that deepen our connection to the culture and help create new memories.

Stepping out of your shell is crucial in making connections in new areas. Though it requires courage and openness, it also offers opportunities for personal growth and enriching experiences. Navigating the discomfort of the unknown and embracing these challenges fosters independence, resilience, and expands your horizons.

When you embark on your next journey, dare to step beyond your comfort zone and you might just create a meaningful new connection.


4 responses to “TMT: Embracing friendships over borders”

  1. I really resonate with this, I feel like as an immigrant I didn’t share much culture background with my friends, but once I got exposed to their culture, it was fun discovering new cultural beliefs and practices.

    1. 🤍🌎 That’s great that you enjoyed learning about a new culture.

  2. Arielle Avatar

    I love this and agree wholeheartedly. Whenever I have traveled to a place where I know a friend (or even an acquaintance) lives, it has made the experience so much richer. It serves as a sense of comfort, too. I’m also a huge proponent of befriending people from all walks of life and believe that the more cultures we can learn about and embrace, the better we become as people.

    1. I agree!🫶🌎

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